PCT Part 17: I Quit the PCT

The folks over at Outdoor Evolution invited me to write a guest piece for them about my experience on the PCT. It turned into a post-mortem of my thru-hike, and a reflection on readjusting to society after months living on the trail.

Check it out over at Outdoor Evolution.

One Comment on “PCT Part 17: I Quit the PCT

  1. Hey Ben, I just found your blog while researching the Bibbulmun Track which I’ll tackle later this year. Great info! Absolutely awesome pics and nice write up of the PCT – it took me right back to the trail (thru hiked it 18 months ago). What a bummer that you had to pull out in the middle of the Sierra’s. Hope you get a chance to go back and finish it some time. We share pretty similar gear choices and hiking styles by the look of things. All the best. Mick


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