Bibbulmun Track mobile network coverage

This spreadsheet was last updated on October 4, 2021 and can be downloaded here.

If you have newer information or can help fill in the blanks, contact me! Please remember to include the network you use.

10 Comments on “Bibbulmun Track mobile network coverage

  1. Usually I didn’t reception (Vodafone). But even I had reception at Walegh and Mount Wells. Honestly I didn’t try that often after a while. It was so disappointing.
    LG Barbara (The Wanderer)


  2. Telstra.
    Very, very weak at White Horse.
    No bars.

    Single bar at Mt Wells. Stramge considering the tower on the same hill.


  3. DRV is fringe Telstra, but you get a reliable signal for calls and data on the village outer ring road just behind cottage #23 (highest point in the village). It is possible to get Optus further diwn the ring road – about cottage 29, but less reliable.


  4. Weak signal on the table outside Tom’s Road. No bars but phone call and sms possible.
    Weak signal at the side of Beedelup shelter.


  5. At Tom Rd Shelter, we have found TEXTING coverage is best literally , standing on the outside table. I have managed to get msg in and out.


  6. Walpole to Northcliffe section – Mobile network coverage very weak through this section. Unusually more of them big black snakes than in previous years for some reason! We saw a HUGE one sunbathing on the track, standing water either side of the track. This HUGE black mamba rises up like a cobra-kinda-stand-off. This thing would not move … so we just went around it. This would have been the biggest snake that I have personally seen in 4 decades ‘out there’ in WA.


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